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We share life together. We encourage each other to be spontaneous in finding ways to love, do good, and regularly and meaningfully participate in community.

Experiential learning speeds individual mastery

Individual mastery adds community value

Community participation creates new friends and supporters

Friends and supporters create new adventure and service opportunities


Free coaching helps you discover where you are and which steps to take next


Individuals, couples, and families master life.


Executives, business owners and entrepreneurs




“… after three other courses on how to improve our business – this one actually worked.”

“After way too long in the trenches, you reminded me to be a person again.”

“Everybody knew we were a couple in crisis … that was three years ago.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to craft abundant communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop life mastery through experiential learning and craft community through collaboration.



Center for Restorative Leadership

Leadership research, education, and development through applied restorative practices.

Journey to Attorney

Pre-Law Camp for high school students.

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