Why LifeCrafter?

Because people improve through experiential learning and improving people craft improving communities.

Craft Self

Our mission is to eliminate scarcity in relationships by helping others craft relationship value.

Many people want better relationships and so they work on their relationships. Even so, the number of problems or even crises in their relationships never seems to get better. To have better relationships, you have to be a better you.

Ever wonder why you eventually have the same problem with your new partner, friend or spouse?

LifeCrafter works at a level beyond problem-solving and crises management. Through courses, mentoring and experiential learning, members of the LifeCrafter community craft a better self.

Craft Health

Our mission is to craft physical, mental and emotional vibrancy.

The one obstacle to any personal or professional goal is health.

Members of the LifeCrafter community craft health through nutrition, sound sleep, and mental clarity.

Craft Wealth IV

Our mission is to craft true wealth.

LifeCrafter is re-defining true wealth as abundance which liberates someone to help others. Wealth is liberty from the time clock through managing expenses and building passive income. Members of the LifeCrafter community build wealth so that they can take advantage of opportunities to help others.

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