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LifeCrafter is a non-profit organization committed to providing experiential learning encounters in the areas of relationships, leadership, and personal finance, and health.


Changing Jobs in the face of COVID

When outside circumstances make a job change inevitable, get the tools you need to make the best career move possible.

Crafting Marriage

Practical support to strengthen your relationship,and stay connected. For young couples or anyone looking to get out of a rut.

Restorative Leadership

Team based learning with tools to help your group with better communication, problem solving and conflict resolution.

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Experiential learning is learning by doing.

Learning goes into action in LifeCrafter Encounters. The words of textbooks are lifted off the page, lectures come to life as we experience what we learn.

Lifecrafter MasterU
Marriage Decisions


I want to be a better person. I want a better community.

In MasterU, you will join students and instructors working to improve themselves and their community. Sample courses include:

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small business owner


I want to make money doing what I do best or enjoy most.

In EntreU, you will join students and instructors learning how to monetize and scale their skills and talents.

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I want to master my profession.

In ProfessionalU, join students and instructors who are mastering their profession through evidence-based, innovative learning. Sample courses include:

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LifeCrafter Instructors

Our instructors are dedicated to using evidenced-based methods to help students master what they want to learn.

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LifeCrafter Foundation is an unincorporated association of learners founded in 2014. Our non-profit 501(c)(3) designation was made by the Internal Revenue Service.


LifeCrafter Foundation is registered for fundraising in the State of Alabama.

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