Series Introduction

LifeCrafter recognizes the importance of financial education for everyone. Knowledge of vital financial techniques and skills fosters excellent financial stability for families and communities. 

This blog series, Your Money, Your Goals, is designed to help you track and understand your income (money coming in) and expenses (money going out). The series teaches about the different types of income and how you receive your income. We will discuss essential tools that you can use for tracking income and managing expenses.

We will also talk about debt and how to handle it. 

You will learn where you can get a credit report, prioritize your debts, and the importance of having a specific payment plan to repay what you owe. Then, how to avoid additional debt.

Knowing how to establish good credit properly is essential in today’s economy. We will teach you how to read your credit report, find and correct reporting errors, and the best way to handle identity theft.

The final topic we will discuss is how to build your savings. Setting aside money can empower you to plan for the future and achieve your goals. While saving money can be challenging for many reasons, taking small steps can make a difference. 

No matter your current financial situation, you can begin saving. The skills you learn can help you get started. You can: 

  1. Use them to help you plan for your short-term and long-term goals
  2. Find ways to make saving work for you 
  3. Learn strategies to help build your saving skills 

Having specific savings goals and prioritizing saving and investing in your financial plan is essential. Establishing an “emergency” fund for unexpected expenses is very important. 


Larry Marvin

LifeCrafter Money $ense