Journey to Attorney Pre-Law Camp

2019 Re-Imagining the Scottsboro Nine

Pre-professional Education for Lifetime Learners

Re-Imagining the Scottsboro Boys Brandon-L-Blankenship

Welcome to Camp!

We invited high school students to join us on the urban campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and face an overwhelming challenge. Investigate an actual legal case that resulted in a gross injustice and imagine how it might be re-litigated today to reach a just result.


Team Building & Team Based Learning

Team building.

Keith Cromwell, Executive Director of the Red Mountain Theatre, invited students to work together.

Co-creator and Instructional Design Expert Annetta Dolowitz invited students to participate in courtroom teams:

The Defendants
The Prosecuting Attorney
The Defense Attorney
The Judge
The Jury
The Witnesses

Pre-Professional Competencies

Reading to Comprehend

Writing to be Understood

Critical Thinking


Speaking to Persuade

Restorative Practices

Restorative Leadership Touchstones

Restorative practices are designed to improve and repair relationships between people and communities.

We choose invitation over coercion.

We continually and consistently invite and support participation, discussion, sharing, and authentic interaction.

We practice radical inclusion.

We work actively – and proactively – to avoid inequity, purposely seeking and valuing input from all participants. 

We create and sustain equitable community.

We build relationships, repair harm, and restore community.

We work together to achieve objectives.

We achieve goals and solve problems through cooperative collaboration.

Testimonials & Daily Videos

Our Approach

Camp students are given the objective of re-imagining an actual legal case that resulted in an injustice. The objective is to imagine what change would result in a just result.

Camp students work in three work sessions during the camp (morning, afternoon, and evening) to achieve their justice objective.

Camp students are introduced to and repeatedly invited to practice restorative touchstones.

Camp students conclude the camp by publically presenting what they have imagined to create a more just courtroom result and restore justice to the broader community.

Moving Forward

Developing restorative practices during the camp impacts camps students, staff, and the community around the camp. Our visions is for this experience to multiply across the United States and beyond. Facilitator guides and facilitation consulting are available to help other organizations establish Journey to Attorney in their community.

How It Works

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Facilitate on Your Campus

We will work with you to facilitate Journey to Attorney Pre-Law Camp on your campus.

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We will work with you to facilitate the Journey to Attorney Pre-Law Camp online.

Facilitator’s Guide

Everything needed to facilitate the Journey to Attorney Pre-Law Camp for students on your local campus. Includes: Facilitator’s Guide, Online Resources and 21 Camp Student Workbooks. 


More Details

During the 2019 inagural Journey to Attorney Pre-Law Camp, tremenous effort was expended to document the instructional and logistics design. This documentation process continued through the camp. Further, both students and staff took several opportunties to de-brief and evalute camp failures and successes. The best of these materials has been fashioned into a Facilitator’s Guide. 

4 Week Coaching Package

In this training package, we work with to prepare to facilitate the camp.


More Details

The Facilitator’s Guide contains everything that is needed to plan and conduct the Journey to Attorney Pre-Law Camp. However, the multi-layered instructional objectives can be a challenge to prepare. With this package, we will work with you online to prepare for the camp.

5 Week Coaching Package

In this package, we work with you to prepare you to facilitate the camp AND we work with you during the week of the camp.


More Details

In addition to everything included in the 4 Week Coaching Pacakge, we work with you onine during the week of the camp.  We are available to negotiate on location coaching. 

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