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What is Restorative Leadership?

Restorative Leadership is bringing restorative practices into effective action to achieve a community objective while building community.

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A Conceptual Construct for a Restorative Leadership Model introduces the restorative leadership model and demonstates how it may be operationalized in a community building scenario. 

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What makes an action restorative is the intention that informs it. Restorative Touchstones are a tool leaders can use to test the alignment of their actions with restorative intentions, dynamically, moment-by-moment.

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Restorative Leadership Touchstones

Restorative practices are designed to improve and repair relationships between people and communities.

We choose invitation over coercion.

We continually and consistently invite and support participation, discussion, sharing, and authentic interaction.

We practice radical inclusion.

We work actively – and proactively – to avoid inequity, purposely seeking and valuing input from all participants. 

We work together to achieve objectives.

We achieve goals and solve problems through cooperative collaboration.

We create and sustain equitable community.

We build relationships, repair harm, and restore community.

Restorative Leadership for K-12 Educators

Forging Future Leaders: Restoring Classrooms & Communities

Foundation course designed to equip K-12 Administrators to equip teachers with the restorative leadership skills to build sustainable communities in classrooms.


Forging Future Leaders II: Implementing Restorative Leadership Tools & Techniques

The second course in the series designed to equip K-12 Administrators to equip teachers how to build sustainable communities in classrooms.