One thing you can do for a better marriage is go on Mission for your marriage.

A mission is usually when you give yourself up for something bigger than you. And it typically involves traveling. I’m not suggesting that you physically travel. What I’m suggesting is that you travel away from consumerism, which is what what’s in this for me and what can I get out of it? What can I consume? And you shift from that mindset to the mindset of How can I go on a mission for my marriage?

How can I commit myself to giving to something that’s bigger than me? Do it as a couple. Look up volunteer opportunities in your area and commit a little bit of time each week or month to giving back. Help a school, a charity, a hospital, a neighbor. Commit to doing things for each other regularly. The point is to go on mission. Giving more than getting.

If you want a better marriage? Go on Mission for your marriage.