Do you want a better marriage? Get rid of the rap sheet that you keep on your spouse.

You might be asking what do you mean rap sheet? Well I mean that list of things that you keep, that your spouse did, but they weren’t supposed to do. Things that got them in trouble, things they kept from you, all those things that you bring up. Let me give you a quick example.

Let’s say that you make a purchase on the credit card that you shouldn’t have. It wasn’t agreed-upon, it wasn’t in the budget. And you made it anyway. And your spouse calls you on it. “Hey! I can’t believe the size of this charge you made on the credit card!”

And in response you pull out the rap sheet. You get that rap sheet out and say, “Well, remember the time that you over spent on this? Remember the time when you ran the bill up on that? Remember the time that you spent that and you didn’t tell me about it until it was already spent?”

That’s the rap sheet. Old history. Let it go.

If you want a better marriage, get rid of the rap sheet that you keep on your spouse.