Do you want a better marriage? Learn to embrace the person you’re with.

An interesting thing about dating is that everybody has an idea of the person that they want to be with, the type of person that they want to be with. They imagine what that person is like.

Then they are bumping along in their life and they meet somebody who has some of the traits or some of the characteristics of that person that they imagine themselves being with. They began to see the person not as who they really are, but they begin to see them as the person they’ve imagined.

So, things move along and they end up getting engaged. They end up getting married. And what they begin to learn pretty quickly in the marriage is like, “wait a minute! This is not the person I thought I was marrying.”

Well no, it’s not, Because you didn’t see the person you were marrying. You saw what you imagined the person to be. The perception, not the reality of who the person is.

Now if you don’t believe that, or if it sounds a little Hokey Pokey, listen to people who are going through a divorce or considering divorce. What do you hear them say?

“Well she’s just not the person I thought I married.”

Or, “He’s just not the guy that I married.”

Yes he is, and yes she is. You just perceived something different.

So if you want to have a better marriage, learn to embrace the person that you are with.

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